This is a hell of a raffle to enter. If you've been around since the start, you know I try to do some good. Each year I buy presents for some children in a local youth home. This will help me do that.


Draw date estimated x1 week from 10/22/20 (tbh due to Level Zero and I's schedule for live draw)

Level Zero (aka Meat Bolus) and I will live stream us picking the winners. A random number generator will be used to assure fairness. Numerous winners, with prizes shown below. This is just the start. I will be adding more items this week... Grab a ticket (or a few) at the top of the page (one purchase = one entry). 

click here to see and read more about the items. 

- raffle items -

(x1) thin red line wooden flag

(x1) EMS wooden flag

(x1) pit viper sunglasses ($99.00)

(x1) EDC knife by PHL knives

(x1) $50.00 LEVEL ZERO gift card

(x2) $25.00 medic element gift card

(x5) year free patch club membership

(x1) medic element patch bundle

(x1) medic element shirt bundle

(x1) medic element sticker bundle

(x5) engraved ornaments

(x1) redalertEMS sticker pack

(x1) collab sticker bundle

engraved Olight i3T ($21.95)

engraved Olight Warrior mini ($79.95)

(x1) mystery box

more to come...