This is a mock radio call in. This method should be used as a building block towards your own unique call in that differentiates a provider. Below I will provide a brief example of a short, but sweet, call in. This call in is a simple chart that can be utilized as a guideline. Remember to keep it short and sweet (again, utilize common sense on this one). They don't care that grandma ate a pork chop for dinner 4 hours ago and takes cough medication. (unless for some reason it's pertinent). Give them what they want and save the rest for your in person report. Always say you're call sign and clear after finishing report so other units know the radio's free.



(call sign) to ______ Hospital

We are inbound to your facility with a ____ ETA!

Onboard we have a (age + gender) coming from ________

What the patient complaint is

What you're findings are and what you have done

Vitals are as followed (HR, RR+quality, O2 %, BP, rhythm)

Again, we have a _____ ETA, do you have any questions?

(call sign) clear

Mock radio call-in

Medic 8 to hospital

We're inbound to your facility with a 8 minute ETA. Onboard we have a 25 year old male coming from his home residency with a complaint of abdomen pain starting last night.

Pt. complains of left lower quadrant pain upon palpation rated at 4 out of 10 with no radiation.

Vitals are stable with a blood pressure of 126/72, regular pulse at a rate of 88, respirations are 14 non-labored and he is sating at 96% on room air. Monitor is showing normal sinus rhythm.

I have an 18 gauge established in the left AC. 

onboard I have a list of allergies and medications.


Do you have any questions?


Medic 8 clear.